Explosions Rock Boston Marathon — 5 Locals Finished Race

One Capitola man, two Soquel women and two people from Aptos finished the race on Monday, which was marred by tragedy at the finish line. A man from Soquel did not register a time after the 40K mark.

Two explosions rocked the end of the Boston Marathon on Monday, injuring an unknown amount of people.

The website Deadspin is reporting dozens of injuries and witnesses say there was blood covering the sidewalks near the explosions, which occurred next to the finish line of the race.

The Boston Marathon, although held on the other side of the country, is an event with worldwide appeal. 

Five locals finished the race — Ted Chen, 61, of Capitola, Michelle Kern, 48 and Cathleen Chandler-Eckhardt, 57, both of Soquel, Lucas Vessey, 28, and Angela Rebol, 37, both of Aptos. It is unknown if they or any of their relatives in attendance suffered injuries from the explosions.

Steve Boyadjian, 66, of Soquel, reached the 40K mark with a time of 4:04:01. The Boston Marathon website does not show Bayodjian having finished the race. The explosions occurred at the 4:09 mark. 

You can keep up with this developing story by following the in-depth coverage on Back Bay Patch.


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