CHP Car Destroyed in Deer Collision

A Highway Patrol officer had a run in with a rogue deer over the weekend.

The Santa Cruz branch of California Highway Patrol is down one vehicle this week after an early Sunday collision with a deer.

According to KSBW, at 1:45 a.m., an officer was driving a CHP car north on Highway 1 in Aptos and had to swerve to avoid a deer, and drove into the median guard rail. 

While "the cruiser spun out of control," KSBW reported that no other vehicles were involved and the driver was not injured. According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, an officer in the passenger seat was taken to Dominican Hospital and treated for minor injuries.  

As for North American deer. According to biologist Rob Found, during this season, the animals are more prone to run out into the road in search of a female with mating on the mind.

"Males are so focused on mating, they're not thinking straight," he said. "They're looking for mates and for other males to fight."


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