Photo of the Day: Doggie Dye Job

This dog was decorated last week for Valentine's Day.

Meet Sarah Muth, 25, a local who works at Banfield Pet Hospital, and Filbert, her decorated dog.

Muth and Filbert were hanging out in Capitola Village on President's Day, showing off Filbert's week-old Valentine's Day dye job. Muth decorates her pooch for multiple occassions, and even dyed him teal for the Sharks' NHL playoff run last year (photo 2).

Luckily for Muth (and Filbert?), we're not in Colorado or Florida, where according to dogster.com, doggie dye is illegal. 

What's your take on canine coloring? Is it over the top? Harmless fun? Tell us in the comments!

Want to share photos of your dog (with our without dye)? Click "upload photos and videos" above.

Just One Vote February 21, 2012 at 06:04 PM
When my kids were pre-teens, dying hair with jello was all the rage. It was harmless, non-toxic and sticky. We also painted our boxer white with black spots using tempera paints so she'd look like a Dalmatian as we walked in the firefighters' parade. Aside from some canine embarrassment, it was creative fun. I'm sure Filbert's OK indulging his more romantic side (although he is hiding his face from his dog park buddies).
Whitney Wilde February 21, 2012 at 06:19 PM
There is a groomer over at Bed & Biscuits named Mel Leon. She does FABULOUS airbrushing on her dogs... dragons, shamrocks, you name it. The dye is completely non-toxic and washes off in a couple of days. Personally, I want Mel to do art on my dog and me, so we can match. When I was very young, I saw a woman with light orange hair and her poodle was dyed to match. I always wanted to be like her.... giggle giggle. It's what I call the "Attack of the 1950s Brain". It's fun for me and my dog LOVES the attention she gets when she is dressed up. She prances as soon as a fancy collar is on. By the way, Mel is also the Queen of Dog Costumes. You should see the ensembles she makes for herself, 3-4 dogs and a cat! Last year, they went as Pirates of the Caribbean!
Willow February 21, 2012 at 06:21 PM
Ms Muth works at a pet hospital. With her credentials, I doubt if she would use a harmful dye on the dog. The dog doesn't seem unhappy, so what's the harm?
Whitney Wilde February 21, 2012 at 06:48 PM
It's my understanding that they use food coloring.
sarah muth February 21, 2012 at 08:04 PM
Actually I worked for as groomed for five years. I've been doing it for this long and the dye I use is began safe and all my vets have already said it was okay. Filbert loves it because he gets more attention, his favorite thing in life.
Jacob Bourne (Editor) February 21, 2012 at 08:18 PM
Sarah, do you have a photo of Filbert dyed blue for the Sharks? We'd love to see! Send it over to jacob.bourne@patch.com and I'll add it above.
Erin Roberts February 21, 2012 at 08:27 PM
I believe it to be harmless fun. I dye my own poodle's mohawk all the time & I use a vegetable based dye that has no amonia, so it is totally safe. No part of the process is harmful to him & because of the dye job he gets more attention & he LOVES that part!
Jacob Bourne (Editor) February 21, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Thanks for sharing the other 3 photos, Sarah! Anyone else have dog photos to share? They don't have to be dyed dogs. Just hit the "upload photos and videos" button above.
Mel Leon February 21, 2012 at 11:37 PM
It definitely depends on the dye, and the dog! I know the dye Sarah Muth only uses is vegan, vegetable based, and semi-permanent -- so fades over time. I use the same dye on my white toy poodle (I only do his ears/tail), who has sensitive skin and needs to be washed with oatmeal or hypoallergenic shampoo -- any other shampoo and he gets itchy like crazy and begins to pull out his fur. The dye causes no reaction in him at all, is gentle and safe, and it conditions the fur as it works. And if done right by the proper person, the process is not at all stressful on the dog. The airbrushing service Whitney described above is my absolute favorite to do. It's not invasive like the rest of the bathing/grooming process and I am able to give the dogs an abundance of love during their coloring. I've had 2 dogs fall asleep as they were being worked on! And, as she said, the color is nontoxic/washable.
Laurie Chadwick February 22, 2012 at 12:52 AM
Erin, Odin always looks great with his colorful Mowhawk!
Laurie Chadwick February 22, 2012 at 12:54 AM
Jacob, I posted some pictures with some of the work from Bed and Biscuits. The Clover, Butterfly, Feather and Hair bling. Everyone has so much fun doing all of this creative stuff at Bed and Biscuits.
Laurie Chadwick February 22, 2012 at 12:55 AM
Mel, I posted your butterfly picture and clover above. You rock!


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