Photos: Best Sunset View in Santa Cruz County

Check out the Seascape Uplands Preserve for the best sunset views in Mid-County

I moved to Rio Del Mar on July 1 and I'm loving it. The photos above are the reason why.

I'm just a half mile away from the Seascape Uplands Preserve, which is actually a sanctuary for local endangered salamanders. I walk my dog there all the time. 

The walking access points are on:

  • Vista Del Mar Drive just around the corner from Cuesta Drive
  • Pinehurst just off of Clubhouse Drive
  • Zanzibar Drive at the first big turn
  • Manresa Drive off of Dolphin Drive

At the top of Manresa there is a small, barely marked trail that leads you up the side of the bluff. From the top of the hill you can see all of Monterey Bay. It's spectacular, as you can tell from the photos above. 


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