Photo of the Day: Sand Shift in Progress; Summer's Coming

It's time to make the beach suitable for tons of tourists.

Capitola Beach may be , but crews are still prepping the rest of the sand for summer, starting the process of creating the lagoon at the end of Soquel Creek. 

Mayor Mike Termini told us last week that this is the only manipulation of the beach that the city does all year, leaving the rest to mother nature. 

And although they stop up Soquel Creek, he said the water still makes its way past the end of the lagoon.

"The creek does flow even when it is groomed to create the lagoon," Termini said in a comment here on Patch. "There is a flume which allows the creek to flow to the ocean during the summer months. This flume will not handle the increase in flow during the winter season so the river is allowed to find its own course."

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