Renee Schiavone
I come to Patch with a love for journalism and local news and I am thrilled to get to report in and about the community in which I live.
Prior to joining Patch, I worked for four years at KPSP-TV, the CBS News affiliate in the Coachella Valley.  While there, I was able to report online and on air, produce television newscasts and manage nearly all the digital content put out by the station, including the website, social media and mobile efforts. I am a Southern California native, having grown up in the city of Riverside, where much of my family still lives. After high school, I attended Seton Hall University-- all the way in South Orange, NJ; about a half hour outside New York City.  Upon graduating with honors with a degree in journalism, I moved back to the west coast to begin my career in the much more agreeable SoCal climate  (I had no idea how spoiled we are here until I lived in the northeast!). I moved to Beaumont in 2009 with my husband Ed, where we live with our two cats and dog.  We're also excited to have recently welcomed the birth of our first child, Emmaline. I am very excited to be working for Patch, helping to cover stories in a variety of communities in California. Please feel free to send me any and all story ideas that you have and I will do everything I can to get information for you. Thank you for visiting Patch!
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