Granny Purps Gains National Recognition

The food-for-pot exchange has made headlines across the country.

On the surface, Granny Purps is a medical marijuana dispensary. But it doesn't take much research to know that they do plenty more than hand pot to needy patients.

Combating the dark cloud that surrounds the medical marijuana industry, Granny Purps is .

Over the last several weeks, as ABC News reported last week, the Soquel business has been exchanging canned foods for joints. Since the beginning of November, they've collected over 5,000 pounds of food, which will all be donated to Valley Churches United Missions. 

Since gaining national recognition, Granny Purps has received responses from across the country. The photo above is a letter they recently received from an admirer in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where medical marijuana is not legal.

What do you think of the work Granny Purps is doing? Is marijuana for canned goods a legitimate exchange? Tell us in the comments!

Jose Jr Ramirez July 29, 2012 at 05:03 PM
I believe in the mission of this company. An cans for meds is a great program. Jr


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