When is Game 2 of the World Series?

Wondering the game schedule for the rest of the postseason? Check this out.

Giants...Tigers...Obama...Romney...America is polarized. The Presidential Election will not be settled for another two weeks, but by that time we will have a new World Series Champion.

Bitter A's fans are busy changing their Facebook profile pictures to the Detroit logo. Giants fans are busy gloating about their Game 1 win in their second World Series appearance in three years. Only one of those groups will be happy come Nov. 1. But both need to know the game schedule. So check it out below. 

P.S. Your trusty editor (that's me) will be at Game 2 tonight in San Francisco. Much more on that later. 

GameMatchupDateTime (PT)TV Game 2 Detroit @ San Francisco Thu, Oct 25 5:00 PM FOX Game 3 San Francisco @ Detroit Sat, Oct 27 5:00 PM FOX Game 4 San Francisco @ Detroit Sun, Oct 28 5:00 PM FOX Game 5* San Francisco @ Detroit Mon, Oct 29 5:00 PM FOX Game 6* Detroit @ San Francisco Wed, Oct 31 5:00 PM FOX Game 7* Detroit @ San Francisco Thu, Nov 1 5:00 PM FOX


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