Capitola Rent Eclipses State Average

Wonder what your neighbors pay for rent? This map details it.

Rent is high in Santa Cruz County, we know, but it actually varies substantially between neighborhoods.

A new data-based website, Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks uses U.S. census information compiled from the 2007-2011 American Community Survey to show median household income and monthly rents by census tract.

The highest rents in Capitola are in the jewel box and Capitola Village, where the average is $1,369. Rates are comparable in Soquel, at an average of $1,354. In mid-county, Rio Del Mar leads the way at $1,656.

Are you surprised by any of the local data? Tell us in the comments section.

The average rent in California is $1,185 a month according to the 2007-2011 American Community Survey. Statewide middle rental-range is $996.00 to $1,193.00.

To see the data mapped out census tract by census tract, visit the Rich Block, Poor Blocks website.


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