Got Lifeguards? Rally Tuesday to Keep Them

Students have rallied for Proposition 30. Now residents who want to keep beach lifeguards are making a statement.

Friends of State Parks is calling for a rally Tuesday at noon to support funding for lifeguards.

Here are the details:

WHEN: October 30 @ 12:00 p.m.

WHERE:  Twin Lakes State Beach, Santa Cruz (Soquel Ave. to 7th Ave. 7th Ave. dead-ends at Twin Lakes State Beach.)

WHO:  Local environmental and education leaders including Mark Stone (CA Coastal Commissioner and Santa Cruz County Supervisor), Suz Howells (Santa Cruz Education Foundation Exec Dir) and Bonny Hawley (Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks Exec Dir)

MORE INFO:  Affected Santa Cruz County State Beaches include: Manresa, Natural Bridges, New Brighton, Palm, Seabright, Seacliff, Sunset, Twin Lakes and more.

About Local State Lifeguards:  Santa Cruz County lifeguards not only protect swimmers, surfers and kayakers but they are also first responders to all types of medical emergencies; perform rescues in rivers, streams and lakes throughout Santa Cruz County; and teach our local youth how to be water safe, while enjoying and protecting our ocean and beaches.

According to CA Dept of Parks and Rec, in FY11-12 in Santa Cruz County, there were 146 lives rescued; 88,099 preventative actions taken; 800 local K-12 students educated in classrooms; and 410 junior guards trained on beaches. Visitation to Santa Cruz County state beaches was estimated to be 3,089,256.


Chuck October 31, 2012 at 03:30 AM
So Prop 30 is not just about schools, it now affects our state beach lifeguards, eh? Well, I support Prop 30, but I think the State Parks system still has some explaining to do in regard to the monies they stashed away (about 54 million right?) and cried poor.


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