Council Says No to Proposed Commercial Pot Operation in Capitola

Council members show support for medical marijuana, but feel Capitola is not the place to house a large growing operation.

Marijuana. Credit: Patch archive
Marijuana. Credit: Patch archive
The Capitola City Council on Thursday night said the city is "too small" for a commercial marijuana warehouse to operate on Kennedy Drive.

Council members voted unanimously to approve an emergency ordinance that effectively killed an application renovate a vacant industrial warehouse owned by John McCoy, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Two neighbors in the area petitioned the Council to quash the proposal, and members agreed.

"It's next to a bunch of homes, two large mobile home parks are there," argued councilwoman Stephanie Harlan according to the Sentinel.

"As a nurse, I'm supportive of medical marijuana. I've seen the health it gives people. It has its place but I don't think Capitola has anything to offer."


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