Council Candidates: Helping Seniors in Capitola

Find out what Ed Bottorff, Dennis Norton and Jacques Bertrand think about funding Meals on Wheels and other social services for seniors.

Over 15 percent of Capitola's population is at least 65-years-old. Many seniors rely heavily on services like Meals on Wheels and California Grey Bears to help with daily activities.

Each year, the Capitola City Council decides to allocate a certain amount of the City's funds to social services that help local seniors. But with the floods of March 2011 depleting money from the City, funding for those services is not guaranteed.

Last week, we asked the three men running for two spots on the Capitola City Council for their opinion on helping seniors in the community. See their responses below.

Question: What should be done to help seniors in Capitola? Can seniors rely on the council to continue to offer funding for services like Meals on Wheels?

Dennis Norton: The council for the 12 years that I have been on the council, has supported senior services. I will continue to do so, including Meals on Wheels.

Ed Bottorff: Capitola participates in numerous non-profit organizations that offer service to seniors. I think that seniors will be able to rely on some level some support from the city. The big question is to what degree/level of service Capitola will be able to maintain that commitment. Obviously with low emergency reserves, unfunded liabilities, and the fate of Measure "O" in the mix, the possibility of severe cuts across the board exists. In that scenario, all types of funding and programs could be adversely affected.

Jacques Bertrand: I am a strong proponent of Capitola’s support for social programs that benefit people often with problems that are hidden from public view. I am proud that we as a community are willing to do so and make this sacrifice for those in need. I also feel there would be a significant benefit for our community to engage more in these efforts and thus shift some of the revenue sources to our direct efforts. Currently, we have foundations that help the community in multiple ways. I would like to expand on this concept.

Should the council do more for seniors in Capitola? Are we too limited as far as funds? Who are you voting for? Tell us in the comments!

aptospirate October 30, 2012 at 12:15 AM
Always talk of new taxes and measures no talk of getting govt workers pensions under control. We'll just cut funding to the needy because of the greedy govt pensions. I know a fire fighter who gets 17,000 a month in pension. But he can't take a cut !!


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