City Council Preview: Flood Grievances on the Table

The City Council will address flood concerns at tonight's meeting.

Tonight's City Council meeting is bound to ruffle some feathers, with a major focus of the event being the current handling of the March floods that drowned Capitola Village. 

To view the full meeting agenda, click here. The real meat of the night starts on page three.

Here are the expected highlights from the meeting:

  • The Council plans to deny insurance claims totalling at least $137,371.07 from a handful of residents, presumably in connection with flood damage, and pass the claims along to City's liability insurance carrier.  
  • Continuing the Emergency Condition brought on by the floods will be proposed, so that further improvement work can be completed.
  • A public hearing will take place to set forth a plan of action for the future of Pacific Cove Mobile Home Park, which some residents fear may be destroyed. The merit of that fear is as yet unfounded.
  • A public hearing will be set for May 12, 2011 to discuss appealing the Planning Commission's denial of a potential dialysis clinic at 3801 Clares St.

Stay tuned to Patch on Friday morning for a rundown of the meeting's most important moments.


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