An Accident Waiting to Happen: What's Wrong With These Pictures?

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What's wrong with this picture? Cars drive away from the surf.
What's wrong with this picture? Cars drive away from the surf.
After the county spent $6.7 million shoring up the seawalls around East Cliff Drive at Pleasure Point, there are still some dangers.

Most of the work seems to have improved the area and made it local and tourist friendly.

But, some real problems remain:

1. Why is East Cliff routed away from the waves? Take a gander at photos and you realize that drivers on the one way street face away from the ocean. Most drivers there are checking the surf to see if they want to jump in and see who is already in. So, they have to look backwards while driving. 

Have you noticed the problem? Have you almost been hit or witnessed close calls there? It seems like it's only a matter of time before something terrible happens.

So with all that money, they couldn't reroute the road in the other direction?

2. The bike path is not wide enough for two bikes to pass comfortably in opposite directions. Every day you see flustered cyclists cutting over to this thin strip of cement on the right side of the road to try and get some room. But there's even less room there.

3. Surfers, bikers, bikers with surfboards, skateboarders talking on cell phones, people jogging and pushing strollers and camera-laden tourists amble along the dirt and bike path with far more cooperation than you see in the overpaid houses of Congress.

The fact that they can all get along says more for the California spirit than one realizes at first. Does it ever feel dangerous to you? Or can we all get along? 
Angry residents raised some of these issues at a meeting with Supervisor John Leopold in 2011. What do you neighbors think now that it's done? 


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