Weird NorCal Crime News: The Real Hamburglar and More

Written by Alex Gronke

Man fights crime with Facebook

After his bike was stolen, a Dixon man created a Facebook page where he posted video of the theft and tried to stir up a little vigilante justice with these words: "Hey, Dixon residents, I am a bike thief. Actually, I'm just a thief. I'll steal anything. So, you better lock your doors and hide your valuables, because I prowl your streets at night. There is a $100 reward for identifying me." Either by shame or by fear, the post worked. The same cameras caught what looks to be the same man returning the bike 34 days later.

Don’t register a stolen bike

bike thief in Santa Cruz didn’t return a stolen $1,800 Surly Moonlander, but he did try to register with the local cops to make a Craigslist sale more legit. Big mistake. The bike’s rightful owner waited a few days to make a police report, but once he did the police arrested the thief and recovered the bike at a Jack in the Box. 

Ronald and Grimace would be so disappointed

This guy just may be the real Hamburglar. Police say that an Oakland man who managed a McDonald’s in Pleasanton robbed a McDonald’s in San Mateo as well as the restaurant he managed. Police said that Felix Jeronimo Gonzalez-Becerra, 42, confessed to both crimes while in custody


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