Suspicious Shoppers Are Caught For Burglary And Possession of Stolen Property

Four people were arrested by Capitola Police on Saturday for burglary, possession of stolen property, conspiracy and traffic violations.

Capitola Police Officers were dispatched to the Capitola Mall on Saturday at 1 p.m. regarding suspicious activity after Security and Loss Prevention officers saw William Johnson, 21, and Perkita Reed, 41, acting shady inside the Kohl’s department store.

According to Sgt. Mark Gonzalez, Johnson and Reed were with Rozina Wiley, 27, and Lashonda Nix, 27, and waited in a car outside of the mall before they left the Capitola Mall in a Hyundai. A full description was provided to officers including a license plate number.

Officer Chris Thompson located the vehicle at Home Depot on 41st Avenue and contacted the occupant in the car. There he learned that none of the passengers had a valid driver license and the vehicle had stolen registration tabs along with an expired registration for five years. 

During the investigation, officer Thompson searched the car and found stolen property inside that included clothing with price tags still attached, toiletry items, and numerous return receipts with approximately 20 gift cards in possession, also according to Sgt. Gonzalez. 

After the investigation, officer Thompson learned the four individuals were part of a scheme where they allegedly purchase stolen items with price tags, stole the items from department stores and then returned the items without a receipt and in return, get a legal gift card worth the value of the stolen property. 

Also according to Sgt. Gonzalez, officer Thompson found victims throughout the Bay Area as the suspects were from Stockton, California.  The investigation is still on going.

Nix was charged with possession of stolen property, driving without a license, and conspiracy. Wiley was charged with conspiracy, stolen registration, and driving on a suspended license. Reed and Johnson both received charges for burglary and conspiracy.





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