Home Depot Employee Steals for Mom's Bathroom Remodel

Edgar Fuentes was looking out for his mom's bank balance, but was arrested and lost his job in the process.

Home Depot in Soquel is currently hiring, and the available positions at the store grew by one over the weekend when cashier Edgar Fuentes was arrested for stealing inventory.

Fuentes was hired in June of this year, and by July was already taking advantage of his employer, Sheriff's Deputy April Skalland said.

Video surveillance from July 28 showed Fuentes helping his mother at the cash register, but only scanning some of her items. According to Skalland, when he was arrested Aug. 17, Fuentes said he was helping his mother bring down costs for her bathroom remodel.

In all, he Fuentes swiped $829.68 worth of bathroom items for his mother. He was fired upon his arrest, Skalland said. 

Many large chains, like Home Depot, are able to catch thieving employees through an advanced system.

"Some big stores log every single transaction and they pick up suspicious patterns and send them off to Loss Prevention," Skalland said. "Then they key in on those people and monitor what they were doing and find out, lo and behold, that they were doing something that they shouldn't."

In late July, Yogesh Patel, 22, was arrested for .

Have you ever seen an employee stealing on the job? Do you think it's a legitimate concern for employers? Would you steal to help out your mom? Tell us in the comments!

Ashley S. August 21, 2012 at 09:46 PM
His mom owes him big time
Jacob Bourne (Editor) August 21, 2012 at 10:41 PM
Hopefully she visits him in jail...


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