Fireworks Safety Tips Straight from Central Fire

The Central Fire District has offered the following safety tips for July 4 weekend.

With Fourth of July weekend days away, Central Fire has released the following safety tips to make sure no one ends up seriously injured in Capitola, Soquel or Live Oak. Remember, fireworks are illegal outside of Watsonville.

From Central Fire's fingertips to your eyes:

1. First of all – observe local laws regarding fireworks. Fireworks are illegal within most of Santa Cruz County.

2. Don’t allow young children to play with fireworks under any circumstances.

3. Keep fireworks away from dry leaves, grass and combustible materials (including clothing).

4. Never point or throw fireworks at anyone.

5. Don’t experiment with homemade fireworks.

6. Don’t stand near or over fireworks when they are lit. Watch from a safe distance.

7. Keep a fire extinguisher or garden hose accessible.

8. Don’t relight used or malfunctioning fireworks. Soak them in water and dispose of them.

9. Young children suffer the majority of burn injuries caused by fireworks. Mishandled fireworks cause millions of dollars in property damage every year and are often identified as the cause of accidental fires. For more information, contact Central Fire Protection District. The Central Fire website is www.centralfpd.com. For enforcement of fireworks violations, contact your local law enforcement agency.


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