Charges Dropped in Capitola Kidnapping Case

A man charged with assault and brandishing a weapon in August has had his charges dismissed.

An arrest made by Capitola police in mid-August proved misguided this week when a man charged with assault and brandishing a weapon had all charges against him dismissed.

Ian Slavonia, 22, was accused by another man of forcing him into a car at knifepoint.

The man claiming to be the victim of the incident told police he was instructed to drive to a store on the 800 block of Bay Avenue to buy alcohol, and when he escaped from the car, he called the police for help.

Police did find the kitchen knife the victim claimed was used in the kidnapping. However, in Santa Cruz Superior Court on Tuesday, all charges were dropped against the accused man by Judge Ariadne J. Symons.

Court documents show that Slavonia had been charged with felony assault and misdemeanor brandishing of a weapon. Contrary to earlier reports, the charges did not include kidnapping.

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the judge made her decision because she "did not believe the alleged victim was a credible witness."

In an email to Patch, the Slavonia, now exonerated, also clarified that his accuser was not his ex-boyfriend, but a roommate. 


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