Moms Talk: Father's Day Gifts

Need Father's Day gift ideas? We've got 'em.

What gift ideas do you have for Father’s Day?

Figuring out what to get dad for Father’s Day can be like trying to wrap your brain around quantum mechanics. Some dads just don’t seem to need a single thing. Take a deep breath, and consider these solutions to Father’s Day gift giving:

  • Food. Men are particularly receptive to delicious treats, whether savory or sweet. If you have time, making something at home is a great way to show your appreciation. Get some help from if measuring cups and teaspoons seem too daunting.
  • Time. Give dad a workday voucher that states “Because you are such an awesome dad, this slip entitles you to one day of work by your loving child.” He probably has more than one project in the works that could be accomplished more quickly or easily with a little help.
  • Grill tools. It’s not exactly clear to me why grilling is such a manly activity, but every man I know is all about his grill. There are loads of fun grill accessories to add to a dad’s arsenal, or perhaps  simply replacing his tired tongs is in order.
  • Books. A book from dad’s favorite genre or a magazine subscription (so he’ll be reminded of you once a month for the rest of the year) is a useful and reasonably priced gift. Check out for either.
  • Accessories. Electronic gadgets have made their way into the lives of even the least technologically-advanced dads. Snazzy cases, streamlined ear buds, or a memory stick with the Best of Johnny Cash can help dad make smarter use of his phone or MP3 player. has a great selection.


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