Letter to the Editor: Republicans Cheat Seniors, Romney Speaks Out of Turn

See what this reader has to say about the current state of national politics.

Reader Marc Perkel submitted the following letter to the editor this week. Want to submit one yourself? Write to jacob.bourne@patch.com and we'll publish it. 

Eighteen percent of Americans over 65 don't have the required photo ID to vote in Republican controlled states that passed voter ID laws. Republicans are denying seniors the ability to vote in an election where Republicans intend to make severe changes to Medicare and Social Security. Republicans are cheating seniors out of their right to representation.

The way I see it is that when a party has to cheat to win they are admitting through their conduct that they can't win on the merits of their position. I think that it is Un-American to cheat seniors out of the right to vote and that the rest of us who still can vote should stand up for our seniors. After all, we will someday become seniors ourselves and when we take care of our seniors, we are taking care of ourselves and the values that America stands for. We have to show Republicans that dishonesty is not an American value.

Furthermore, Candidate Mitt Romney this week made the world a more dangerous place today when he made stupid comments about the murder of our ambassador in Libya. Romney reminded the world that America is just one bad election away from going back to Bush, or even worse. That undermines the world's confidence in American leadership. Even Bush knows to keep his mouth shut until he at least figures out what's going on.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

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Beamer September 15, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Marc - My 90 year old grandmother has an ID. The ID's can be had for free. If there is no one to take her to get an ID - how does she get out to vote? Romney made STUPID comments? Our Embassador is DEAD. Our Prez was so concerned about the MESS in the middle east - he flew to LAS VEGAS! Plus FACTS are coming out how the WH knew something was going to happen and did NOTHING. Now we have 4 DEAD americans. Whatever, we will find out in November where this country is headed.
trish dixon September 15, 2012 at 07:10 PM
Totally agree with Beamer. I am 63 and over a standard weekend of shopping I had to pull out my photo ID over a dozen times. Even when I purchased beer for my husband at Target. We have a bigger issue at hand if these 18%(your number) over 65 cannot purchase anything, cannot drive, cannot travel out of the Country, cannot receive medical care and can't even drop off dead batteries at our recycling facility on Montague. As for Romney speaking out on our behalf, I urge you to read Obama's Muslim speech he gave in Egypt in 2009. I am old enough to vividly remember Carter in 1979. History does repeat itself but this time it will be devastating. As a retired Democratic Milpitas Official I can tell you that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Ms Clinton dropped the ball by not placing all Embassies on high alert before 9/11. No Marines, rubber bullits and ignoring the fact that Mr. Obama's "hit list" of drone attacks took out one of their leaders in June. Obama glorified the assassination of Bin Ladin by encouraging his Hollywood supporters to create a political movie and the reaction by one of the SEALS to print his own version that showed on CBS 60 Minutes just days before Ambassador Stevens was murdered. A well planned attack in the lines of our very own and detailed killing of Bin Ladin. As for the You Tube movie trailer being used as the excuse I urge you to research Eyptian Coptic Christians. Their history goes back thousands of years.
smantha September 15, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Outright lies by this writer.. The Republican plan is to fully fund medicare - instead of robbing it of 875 million like Obama did. Obama is bankrupting medicare every day...... Obama does not want to save Medicare but replace it by a death panel where any new improvements in medical science are heavily taxed (in place through Obama care already - 10 per cent penalty) He will also decide what age you can no longer have heart pace makers, and other devices that until now was a decision between the senior and the doctors. Now it is on the federal goverment hands. What a stupid bunch of lies this writer spews.... Shameful...
Bong Sativa September 16, 2012 at 10:07 AM
Mitt Romney is a smug,condescending & arrogant businessman whose repugnant rhetoric & bold-faced lies will be decisively rejected by the American people on November 6th ! He'll drag the Republican Party down with him in defeat & he'll become a political footnote hated by what remains of the party even more than they hate Obama ! His debate performances will be more embarrassing than his refusal to release all his tax returns,as he proves to be less Presidential & more inept than even his worst critics imagined ! Ironically his humiliating defeat will be more competitive than any other GOP White House hopeful for at least a generation as the party moves further right & inevitably implodes !
Frank Geefay September 16, 2012 at 05:37 PM
It is true that especially among Black American's there are seniors who have no proof of their birth or citizenship since many were born at home and did not get birth certificates. Such laws requiring proof of Photo ID are discriminatory unless a solution can be found to make it easy for them to obtain a photo ID in time for the election. All citizens born in the US have a Right to vote. Voting is a right, not a privilege. Thus accommodations must exist to make it Easy for them to obtain such ID. It should be the government's responsibility to provide photo IDs for these citizens if such ID is required for them to vote. Voter fraud is so small that most states don't consider the effort worth perusing since a single vote has such little weight and voter fraud has stiff penalties. So it does seem suspicious that states requiring voters to require photo ID may have another agenda. Fake photo IDs are so easy to obtain that they are close to useless. As for Mitt Romney’s statements about the murder of our ambassador, he will be judged one way or the other by every word he utters just as President Obama has been judged since becoming president. He can no longer freely utter his personal feeling without carefully weighing the consequences. Being president is much more difficult than he can imagine.


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