Campbell Patch Celebrates Two Years

We take a look back at the last two years, hear from readers and share some of the moments in our history.


Two years ago today, I launched this site and added Campbell, Calif. to the Patch map.

It has been a whirlwind experience, running from city council meetings to school board meetings, from community events to business grand openings, and along the way, I have met all of you and you have helped make Campbell Patch what it is today.

This was my first taste of online news, online media, and to be honest, I didn't know what to expect. But from the moment I received my assignment, that I would be covering the city of Campbell, I knew I had hit the jackpot.

You see, from my first call to City Hall, to the small businesses in downtown, to the group of strangers at Orchard Valley Coffee, Campbell has been a warm and friendly place to be. And I have been lucky to have earned the trust and respect from many within the city to tell the news as it happens, to share the community's strongest stories and to find the answers to the questions residents are asking.

But don't take my word. Here is a small sampling of what local readers had to say about Campbell Patch:

"The Patch is our "finger on the pulse." It's important for residents to know and understand issues and happenings in the Campbell community. Through social media and the Patch website, I stay up-to-the-minute with what's happening in (... and around) Campbell. In short, The Patch makes the community of Campbell a better place by keeping the residents informed. 

Thank you. You're doing our community a great service.


-Joe Kenny, Campbell resident

"I found Campbell Patch via Facebook, I love how you get info that others don't, and how FAST you get it...like a little news ninja!

And of course there's the free giveaways & dog pictures. Plus you have a genuine interest & concern over the goings on in & around Campbell."

-Dave Malloy, Campbell resident

"Since moving to Campbell 10 years ago, I have avidly watched as this town continued to distill its identity...as Downtown revitalized, and our history is embraced and celebrated. I think a great part of our cultural identity as a city has been enhanced by the efforts of Campbell Patch - I love the personal blogs, the historical photos and the steady stream of social media posts about everything that's going on - and it's always a lot! Unlike other local online resources, it's the people behind Patch - the people I have met personally, who are hanging out in my town - that set Patch apart. Patch is more than just reporters telling the facts; I know that when Bethany is writing about great places to take kids for breakfast on a weekday morning, it's because she's actually been there herself with her kids. I know that when Mayra is reporting on what happened at the last City Council meeting, it's because she was there, and when she's writing about it the next day, she's doing it from a  table at Orchard Valley Coffee. 

More than just a place for news and events - Campbell Patch has become a virtual town square where people and their opinions gather for exchange, a place find out what's going on, and a trusted source for that which is important and pivotal for this city. "

Adelle Gabrielson, Campbell resident and Campbell Patch Blogger

Campbell City Councilman Evan Low was one of the first members of the city council I met when I began covering the Orchard City two years ago. I did a Q&A on Low as he was then-Mayor of Campbell.

"I found out about the Campbell Patch through our tireless editor, Mayra Flores De Marcotte. I enjoy reading about issues in real time and seeing an opportunity for an online community to participate in shaping their city."

-Evan Low, Campbell City Councilman

An avid supporter of all things Campbell, Simply Smashing! owner Deb Rohzen shares her thoughts on Campbell Patch:

"I am a fan of Campbell Patch. Since their arrival on the scene two years ago, Campbell Patch is my go-to destination for all-things-pertinent to the Downtown Campbell social and local news scene. I especially love their Facebook Fanpage - as a Downtown Campbell business owner, I am on Facebook all day and find it so convenient that I can see local news and social info on my newsfeed as it happens (gotta love the one-stop convenience of Facebook!).

Right out of the gate, Mayra introduced herself to me, my business and my downtown. She invited me to post my business events on the Facebook page (MUCH Appreciated!), as well as to share any downtown happenings I might be aware of. Mayra has made herself no stranger to the Downtown Campbell community and merchants - she is a welcome member of the DTC community at large.

I am very happy with the interactive aspect of Campbell Patch, and with Mayra, specifically, for being present and accounted for as a reporter and friend of DTC. I'd like to see Campbell Patch build on this vibe."

-Deb Rohzen, Owner of Simply Smashing! Boutique

One of the many people that I met at Orchard Valley Coffee is Bethany Curran, one of the moms behind the Campbell Patch Mom Squad. Here's what she, and fellow Mom Squad mom Nicole Salacain had to say about Campbell Patch:

"I found Campbell Patch when I was searching around online for local news and events. I had never heard of Patch, so I checked it out and loved it! It was so different from all the other sites. I loved how interactive it was and that you can contribute to it in so many ways.

When a local charity that I support was planning their fundraiser, I emailed the editor (Mayra) and let her know that the event was coming up. I was hoping she would cover it to help get the word out. She asked if I would be interested in an interview as well.

I met with her over coffee and we had a nice talk that soon led to the fact that we are both Moms and how hard it is to find other Mom friends. The conversation naturally flowed and it was a great meeting. Before I knew it, she was asking me to be a part of Campbell Patch and put together some sort of parenting column. I was super excited and the Campbell Patch Mom Squad was born!"

-Bethany Curran, Campbell resident and Mom Squad Mom

"I had heard of Campbell Patch through my partner in crime and fellow Mom Squadder, Bethany, before I moved to Campbell. As soon an I moved to Campbell, I jumped at the opportunity to write for such a wonderful community building website.

I love being able to find things so easily that relate to our wonderful little town. I also feel extremely lucky to have Mayra as our editor! Not only is she always available to answer questions about the town but she truly cares about what's going on. Campbell Patch has helped Campbell feel like home!"

-Nicole Salacain, Campbell resident and Mom Squad Mom

We love giving back to the community that has helped make this site so great. Here are just a few ways we've participated, given back, rolled up our sleeves and dug in:

  • Campbell's Civic Improvement Poster Contest
  • Great American Litter Clean Up
  • Rising Young Authors Sponsors
  • Campbell Little League Sponsors
  • Patch Gives Back at Humane Society Silicon Valley
  • Campbell Little League Sponsors
  • Job Shadow Day Participants
  • Campbell Union School District Dictionary Day Participant
  • Fundraising for Campbell Relay for Life
  • Rising Young Authors Sponsors

Campbell has three school districts that serve its children: Campbell Union School District, Moreland School District and Campbell Union High School District. Very few things embody a community like its schools and we aim at making sure our community knows what its schools, educators and students are doing throughout the year.

Marla Sanchez, from Campbell Union and Tanya De La Cruz from Moreland School District share their thoughts on Campbell Patch:

"The things I enjoy most about Campbell Patch: easy to access local information, local news and easy to update. I also like that Patch is very involved in the community. You are demonstrating that you are interested in being a part of the community you write about."

-Marla Sanchez, Campbell Union School District

"I learned about the Campbell Patch as it was getting ready to launch – the editor, Mayra, contacted Moreland to introduce herself.  Since then, I really have appreciated the support they have given the Moreland School District and absolutely love how entrenched they are in the Campbell community.

I actively follow their Facebook and Twitter postings and think they’re local, honest news coverage is refreshing. And it’s a nice bonus that Mayra is such a pleasure." 

-Tanya De La Cruz, Moreland School District

We've also been honored to received recognition from the California Teachers Association for the school coverage that we do in Campbell:

  • 2010 John Swett Award Certificate of Merit for "They Have a Dream"
  • 2011 John Swett Award Certificate of Merit for "They Said Yes to the Prom Dress"
  • 2011 John Swett Award First Place for Series "High School Graduation 2011"

Check back this weekend to read about my list of top stories we've covered in the last two years.

So thank you, Campbell, for making the last two years a pleasure.

Here's to the future!


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Lucy J. November 16, 2012 at 03:40 AM
Happy anniversary Campbell Patch! I'm happy to have found such a great local resource like this, and I can't believe you have only been at it for 2 years. You are so in-touch with the community and always keep us informed. Thank you!
Mayra Flores de Marcotte November 16, 2012 at 03:42 PM
Thanks, Mom Squad! Love your columns and blog posts and as a parent, I've tried many of your suggestions over the year ... :)
Mayra Flores de Marcotte November 16, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Thanks Cathy for being with us from the beginning!
Mayra Flores de Marcotte November 16, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Thanks Claudia. I've really lucked out with a great community that has been my staunch supporter since the beginning.
Mayra Flores de Marcotte November 16, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Thank you Bethany. Likewise!


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