Sustainable Brewery Opens in Soquel

Discretion Brewing is partnering with Fogline Farm and Main Street Garden Cafe to bring exclusive beer and fresh food to 41st Avenue.

After years of fantasizing, the Genco family dream has become a reality in the form of Discretion Brewing, the newest business in Soquel.

Discretion Brewing, located at 2704 41st Ave., officially announced its opening Tuesday morning on Facebook and already its making big buzz in the community.

"There were years of discussion with our family," Owner Kathleen Genco told Capitola-Soquel Patch. "It was about three years ago that we decided to do it and we got the building a year ago."

Discretion is serving up four beers for its opening: an English-style mild, which is "very dark in color but light and malty," a German-style pilsner, a rye IPA, and a strong ale that Genco called "smooth and delicious."

Along with brew offerings, Discretion is serving a rotating weekly food menu provided by Main Street Garden Cafe, the Soquel staple with a well-known base location at 3101 Main St.

"They are cooking in our kitchen and making beautiful food," Genco said. 

For the opening week, the menu includes brussels sprouts braised in the house pilsner, meat balls, sausages, salads, sole fritters and chili made with the Discretion strong ale, among other items.

Discretion and Main Street Garden Cafe are working closely with Fogline Farm of Soquel, each using one other's resources. 

"Fogline picks up our our spent grains and they take it to the farm to feed it to the pigs and chickens," Genco said. "Then we use their meat and serve it."

Even without a grand opening or special event planned for St. Patrick's Day, Genco said customers are already flocking to Discretion Brewing.

"We actually opened yesterday (Monday) without announcing it and it was crazy busy," she said. "There are a lot of thirsty people, so we anticipate it to stay that way."

Discretion — the adjective chosen to best describe the business — was decided upon just like everything else, as a family. 

"We were looking for something that implied subtlety and wise decisions and choosing for yourself instead of drinking what everyone else does," Genco said. 

Along with her husband, children, son-in-law and hired brewer (Michael Demers, who she says is now part of the family), Genco said the whole crew is passionate about brewing.

"My son is now the assistant brewer. He got us all into it," she said.

Discretion Brewing is open every day from 11:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. For more information, check out the official Discretion website.


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