Local Medical Marijuana Wins Award From High Times Magazine

In the height of its investigative reporting, High Times magazine selected a strain of marijuana from Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals as one of the best of the year.

The strain called "Cracker Jack" won first place in the best sativa category over finalists called "Red Dragon" and "Tangle." The magazine doesn't say what properties the pot, uh, medicine,  had that made it a winner.

Sativa is the strain that keeps you awake. Or maybe that's Indica. No, the answer is right here.  Which one makes you remember things? 

For all the winners, read this. 

For a drinking or smoking game, watch this video and have one every time they say high or cannabinoid.

How long before Donald Trump buys this competition and puts it on TV? 

The winner, by the way, is located in Aptos, on Soquel Drive, right by the Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant. Details here.


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