Map: Soquel Home Ownership Way Higher than in Capitola

The map below shows the percentage of a city's population that owns a home.

Click on the cities for home ownership details. Red cities have the lowest rates of home ownership. Greener cities have the highest. Yellow & orange fall between. 

Proponents of home ownership argue that it ties people more closely to a community and makes people more invested in taking care of a neighborhood.  

There are many factors that determine how much of a community is made up of homeowners vs. renters - age of the community, income, whether a town is mostly single-family housing or multi-family housing. 

The map above shows the percentage of the town's population that owns a home, based on figures from the 2010 census.  A full window view of the Bay Area map is available here. Click each city for details. 

Capitola's home ownership is low compared to the rest of mid-county, down at 45.3 percent. Soquel, meanwhile, is up at 69.3 percent, in the same ballpark at Aptos (76.2) and Rio Del Mar (72.6). Seacliff is closer to the Capitola range down at 49.4 percent.

Do you think a high level of home ownership is important in a community? Share your views with us in the comments section.


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