Capitola-Soquel Neighborhoods Mapped by Wealth

A new website shows the median income of neighborhoods in Capitola-Soquel.

Santa Cruz County ranks 14th of all California counties in median household income, and the middle class standing of Capitola-Soquel plays a part in that. 

Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks, a website that compiles American Community Survey data, has broken down every city in America by neighborhood and listed them all by average household income, and the results are quite interesting.

Capitola and Soquel are split into five zones on the site — the five census tracts that make up the area.

According to the site, the wealthiest neighborhood in all of Capitola-Soquel is the area north of Soquel Drive and west of Old San Jose Road, including Soquel High School. The median household income there is $80,270.

In contrast, the poorest zone of the two towns is the western half of Capitola from Wharf Road to the houses behind the Capitola Mall. That neighborhood, census tract 1217, has a median household income of $52,554.f

Middle class in California ranges between $53,000 to $67,000 according to the survey.

To see the data mapped out and check out more California neighborhoods, visit the Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks website.


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