Do You Support SB 1464, the 3-Foot Passing Rule?

A bill has passed the state senate requiring automobiles to pass no closer than three feet to bicyclists. Santa Cruz County cyclists support the proposed law; what do you think?

A law aimed at increasing safety for cyclists is slated for a key vote this week in the state Legislature.

SB 1464 comes in the wake of several vehicle collisions that have left or . The proposed state law, making it a legal requirement for automobiles to give bicyclists a minimum clearance of three feet when passing, has the support of Santa Cruz County cyclists.

You can read more about the bill in this announcement from the People Power of Santa Cruz County.

SB 1464 has passed the state Senate and is up for a vote by the Assembly Friday. How would you vote if it were up to you?

Tell us in the comments, keeping in mind that we ask commenters to use names when taking part in our community dialogue.

If you'd rather remain anonymous, you may email your comment to jennifer.squires@patch.com.

Either way, please take our non-scientific poll below to let us know where you stand on this issue.

Brian August 21, 2012 at 09:29 PM
another stupid law to make the world more confusing; and at the end of the day it aint gonna save your dead ass.
Amelia Conlen August 22, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Hi folks- the CA Assembly votes on this on Friday, and you can email your representatives through tomorrow. To send a letter and find out more, visit http://givemethree.squarespace.com/express-your-support/
Bill Wright Burton August 30, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Actually I wrote the law to save my ass, as so many close calls have nearly left me dead. A less aggressive approach to using the roadways, as giving safe distance when passing implies, required definition. The current law allows near misses within inches, and faults the biker most times. My dead cyclist friends have not been able to stand up and be counted as favoring this change in road use, I miss the dearly. Regarding David Perez comment about driving his big rig and not wanting to go over the double yellow lines. The new law will allow a driver to cross the double yellow lines, when clear and safe to do so, to pass a bicyclist. Actually the Highway Patrol helped us with the intent and wording as there are other times as well when you may cross the double yellow lines. This is a common practice of truckers, and many in the trucking industry are happy that this law will allow them to pass legally and safely in those moments when there is no oncoming traffic.... Hard to image but true, cyclist and truckers both in favor of this safety-generating 3-foot passing law!
randy August 31, 2012 at 12:21 AM
The law is one thing but when you have cyclist (notice my using a better term) ride 2 and 3 deep, yakking up a storm knowing that we .. the larger of the vehicles .. have to make room for them. Make the law so that if a cyclist/cyclists are riding more than single file, they will be cited. We can't drive two cars side by side in a single lane so why should cyclist? This is Randy stating my STRONG opinion.
Bill Burton October 09, 2012 at 09:42 PM
Randy, We who use the road are traffic; cyclists, pedestrians, drivers. We are citizens, we pay higher general taxes for roads than gas consumers who only pay about 2%. The law says to ride as far right as practicable, which some riders disobey. So go about writing your own law if you can make things safer. Meanwhile,,, Those driving metal boxes(cars) at elevated speeds with flammable liquid have no protection from head on collisions except for the perception that others will stay on their side of the line when oncoming events occur. Society allows and insures this dangerous activity, almost universally.  However on rural roads the amount of time when conflicting oncoming traffic is present is well under 5% of the time of the day. Thus there is time and space to cross the double yellow line. Further the Bill only allowed crossing the double yellow line if; "(1) The left side of the road is clearly visible and free of oncoming traffic for a sufficient distance ahead to permit overtaking and passing of the bicycle to be completely made without interfering with the safe operation of any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. " as stated in the bill. Governor Brown is car centric to endanger bike riders, and not share open space on the roads.


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