Projector Breaks Down During Two Showings of 'The Avengers' in Capitola

The audience at the CineLux 41st Avenue Cinema was sent home about 90 minutes into the 2-hour and 23-minute film. Both theaters were showing the film. It's fixed now.


Hundreds of people had their dreams plummet to earth like Thor's hammer after the projector broke down at the packed Friday for the first primetime showing of The Avengers.

"It won't be fixed tonight," said a man behind the counter who gave people tickets to see the movie at another time.

Customers who had paid $10 a ticket waited in a long line for their refund.

"A line to get in and a line to get out," said one man.

Some immediately headed to downtown Santa Cruz, where lines snaked around the block at the Regal Cinema 9 and the first three evening shows were sold out. The movie grossed $80 million in its first night, according to CBS radio news.

The theater's general manager reported that the theater is back up and running and the projector was fixed in time for the late shows Friday.

The projector broke just as Thor had plummeted to Earth and was looking for his hammer. Don't tell me what happens next.


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