Santa Cruz Hope Church Gives Away 500 Skateboard Decks

Even heavy rains didn't dampen pre-Christmas spirits.

Senior Pastor, Danny Bennett of Santa Cruz Hope Church wrapped up this Sunday's service by raffling off a bicycle and scooter. He then started directing the congregation, bursting with anxious kids of all ages.

"We need to make three lines, one for Santa over by this door." Bennet said. "Another for the free barbeque, by the back door."

Bennett smiled warmly as he pointed toward the tables stacked with skateboard decks, where a long line of excited kids had already started lining up.

"And a third line for the skateboard decks."

The bustling congregation started forming the other two lines.

"A couple more things; first, we know you can't skate on decks without wheels, so we got together with Grind Out Hunger, and they will put trucks and wheels on these  decks for $40. The second thing is, that next week we are starting our church-for-beginners service, and remember the free pancake breakfast before the service."

This week's skate deck giveaway is part of Santa Cruz Hope Church's main focus, which is the community. The congregation raised the $5,600 needed to buy the decks. Church members also donated their time to finish the decks, and to organize the event.

Even though it had been raining steadily for hours people were outside enjoying the barbecue on picnic tables set up under walkways.

One boy, Troy, 11, was carrying two decks, "One is for me, and I'm taking one to my brother. He's sick," Troy said.

Another boy, Kevan, 12, said, "This is my first new deck, so I'm going to hang it on my wall."


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