KQED has a Show About a Secret Cave Discovered in Santa Cruz County

When the Peninsula Open Trust bought the land at the CEMEX plant by Davenport, they had no idea it held one of the longest caves in California.

In this show, KQED gives viewers a look into a mile-long cave outside Davenport that few knew existed.

The land was purchased to preserve Redwood forests, but the Peninsula Open Space Trust and The Sempervirens Fund  got a call from Western Cave Conservancy telling them about the White Moon Cave, a gem of an underground site.

Check the show here.

islandspiritcreations November 22, 2012 at 09:01 PM
oh yess!! If this is the same cave of my childhood family memories.....our dad would take us there. It had to be really low tide tho...one time we got caught as the tide came in...it was a scary adventure!


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