Capitola: Are Aggressive Late Night Solicitors Knocking on Your Front Door?

"The man was aggressive and insisted he enter our house to 'inspect our carpets' and we feared for our safety."

The Capitola senior park has 'No Soliciting' signs posted.
The Capitola senior park has 'No Soliciting' signs posted.
(The following letter of concern was sent to us by a Capitola Patch reader who prefers to remain anonymous for reasons of safety.)

Late Night Door to Door Solicitors in Capitola?

We live in a senior park in Capitola and had a suspicious door to door Solicitor pounding on our front door on Jan. 7th at 8:30 p.m., which is both unusual and illegal for this area.

Male, 20's, tall, muscular build, dark hair, dark clothing.

We have "no soliciting" signs posted on both the main entrance, and on our homes.

The man was aggressive and insisted he enter our house to "inspect our carpets" and we feared for our safety. He had a bright yellow carpet cleaning flyer, but we refused to open the locked screen door to accept the flyer.

He would not let up until two adults came to the door to tell him several times we were NOT interested, and would not let him in the house.

We reported the incident immediately to Capitola police, but we have not heard if he was caught, or not?

Has anyone else experienced late night solicitors?  Does anyone have one of the flyers?  Or possibly noticed the car he was driving, to provide this information to the Capitola police?

We hope to get word out about preventing and addressing scary incidents like this? The Solicitor was violating several local ordinances (see below).


Thank You,
Maryanne Porter January 12, 2014 at 09:19 PM
We get solicitors in Watsonville all the time, and YES, the ones who come after dark freak me out! Even people claiming to sell us ATT Cable that ask ridiculously personal questions to try and make a sale to people wanting to sell us a $2,000 vacuum cleaner, come on , you come to my house to sell me something I did not ask for. Honestly a curfew and specific day to solicit should be made in order to protect residents - as well as - NO SOLICITING signs seriously enforced. Its annoying and they are very pushy to get your personal information & your $ -


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